Mario Dellavedova

...bramata oro...
3 Mar. - 30 Apr. 2011

La flusso-nascita di venere spumo-luminosa tra i flutti, 2010
fluorescent lamps on hand-made canvas
140 x 226 x 10 cm

"...I love some sorts of indolence... I think that besides being intelligent art must be illuminating (eulogy for electricians) and subversive (deleuzianly) even in relation to the rules of one's game... and I think that to talk a lot about it would opaque its already faded iridescence, and to write a lot about it would grind its acute angles just like glass paper (some times like a lapping machine).

Welcome then to a writing that can even be immodest but moderate in quantity (even lacking) and to an appropriate talk, more for impure cognisance than for conscience... and all this has no influence in becoming (benevolently) a masterpiece."

Expectations are being disappointed, by Mario Dellavedova, from Tritolo, 1997

L'artista é una fontana luminosa e lattea, 2009
fluorescent lamps on hand-made canvas
140 x 226 x 10 cm

Installation view
Installation view
Bramata oro (Allegoria della Povertà), 2011
polenta on canvas, silver nails and caption in gold and diamonds
variable dimensions
Ricchi sani nord-italiani, 2011
acrylic on polenta bramata oro bags
variable dimensions
Narrate uomini la vostra storia, 2010
oil pastel on tracing paper
70,5 x 55 cm
La classe operaia andava in paradiso, 2010
pastel on paper
55,5 x 44 cm
Il mondo dei vinti, 2010
pencil, pastel on paper
25 x 34,3 cm
Immagine del mondo dei vinti, 2010
xylography on cotton paper
60 x 81 cm
365 polente all'anno, 2010
xylography, gold powder on cotton paper
81 x 60 cm

Special Thanks to Vhernier
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