Ingar Krauss

Why Me?
30 Mar. - 15 May 2004

Untitled (Gorky Park - Russia # 2), gelatin silver print mounted on aluminum, 77 x 64 cm

For the first time in Italy, the Suzy Shammah Gallery presents the work of German photographer Ingar Krauss (Berlin, GDR 1965). His work focuses on the human condition, in particular that of childhood and adolescence. He begins photographing his daughter, her friends and Hannah, an orphaned child. Krauss empathizes with his subjects who are going through that phase of life in which neither body nor mind are yet defined. He is sympathetic with the element of sadness intrinsic within all transformations.

The exhibition will feature the photographic works realized by Krauss in Russia between 2002 and 2003. During his visit, made possible by a study grant from the Berlin Senate Culture, he took pictures of young people within various institutions such as orphanages, youth camps and juvenile prisons. These portraits are of a great intensity and beauty. They are black and white images of adolescents that Krauss brings from their distant location to where we are. The artist turns their dramatic biographies into a universal, shared human condition. Through his eyes they seem to ask: Why me? Krauss captures this simple question and opens it to us. As if the last word has not been said, at least not forever. Their young life is still in motion even if in silence. 

Untitled (Juvenile Prison # 2), 2003, gelatine silver print, gold toned, covered with klucel, 50 x 44 cm

Untitled (Orphan), 2003, gelatin silver print mounted on aluminum, 77 x 64 cm

Untitled (Uncanny Girl), 2003, gelatin silver print mounted on aluminum, 77 x 64 cm