Florian Schmidt

18 Sep. - 14 Nov. 2009

Installation view


The Suzy Shammah gallery presents the first solo show of the young Austrian artist Florian Schmidt (Raabs/Thaya, 1980).

Florian Schmidt's research centers on painting without directly integrating it as a medium or a tool. Through an elaborated process using materials such as paper, silicon, string or wood, the artist composes refined collages that stand in between sculpture, drawing and painting. His work reflects somehow an intimate feeling, and presents an original position into the contemporary review of abstract painting.

For this exhibition the artist has conceptually created a single elaborated artwork by grafting fragments of material from one art piece to another. Schmidt creates a visual narrative of sculptures and paintings where geometric shapes chase each other by the repetition of details. He further marks the nested nature of his art by creating a second gallery within the gallery. Made of wooden frames it encloses a drawing cabinet reachable exclusively through the viewer's gaze.

from left to right:
Untitled(Bridge5), 2009, wood, vinyl, cardboard, silicone, wool, 71 x 52 cm
Untitled(Bridge7), 2009, wood, vinyl, silicone, 71 x 52 cm
Untitled(Bridge6), 2009, wood, vinyl, wool, 71 x 52 cm
Untitled(Bridge3), 2009, wood, vinyl, wire, 71 x 52 cm

One, 2009
wood, vinyl, lacquer, canvas
150 x 145 cm

Untitled(Instrumenta3), 2009
wood, vinyl, lacquer, canvas, wool
125 x 115 cm

Installation view